Dementia Centred

Housing consultant Jim Hayton reflects on the recent series of workshops looking at the role of housing professionals in supporting people with dementia.

I was recently asked to assist Arneil Johnston in facilitating some workshops on dementia as part of the CIH funded work looking at ways in which housing practitioners might best support people at various stages of this distressing condition, from early diagnosis to the advanced stages of the condition.

The workshops were organised around four distinct pathways, which explored with housing and partner professionals from health and social care how housing might best:

  • Assist in the early diagnosis of dementia
  • Commission appropriate and effective housing layout and design interventions
  • Assist and support  people with dementia to enter and return home from hospital
  • Promote an holistic approach to dementia 

Each workshop looked at what might...

Dementia Centred
20th Oct 2016

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Dementia Centred
19th Oct 2016