Dementia Centred

Spending time within green spaces has positive effects on the physical and mental health of all and especially for the elderly and people living with dementia being outdoors can support stress relief and boost mental and emotional well-being. Visiting the outdoors and undertaking physical activities can further enhance functional capacity among older people, and can help to maintain quality of life and independence.

In order to make use of these benefits, outdoor spaces need to be created that attract people to actually use them. For existing as well as newly built outdoor environments this can be achieved by the following design principles. 

1. Make the outdoors accessible

Naturally, the access to the outdoors should be barrier-free, accessible at all times and visually and physically connected to the indoors. Generally speaking the layout and elements within the outdoors should suit older people and people living with dementia. A well-structured and...

4th Nov 2016

Air quality is a serious issue in buildings such as hospitals and care homes where people with dementia live. As...