Dementia Centred

What do we understand as a good life in our later years?

This is the central question in a current research project, 30 community researchers across Scotland are currently working to find out what the essence of a good life is and what older people need to achieve and/or maintain a good life.  

The project will also explore how quality of life differs for people with a long term condition, like dementia, as well as older people who become carers for a partner, relative or friend.

We aim to use our findings to influence decision makers to improve policies that support older people as they age.

Our community researchers have used a number of methods to gather this information, including focus groups, which have involved people from across the country.  Key ‘quality of life’ themes that have emerged from these meetings include: 

  • personal independence
  • health and wellbeing
  • care and support...
Dementia Centred
6th Feb 2017

Our brain is amazing. Each day as we move through the world our brain guides our movement, our cognitive actions, and our...

2nd Feb 2017
Dementia Centred
2nd Feb 2017