Training funding opportunities

Through partnerships you or your organisation may qualify for part or full funding to cover the fees for one of our courses

Through partnerships and projects that DSDC takes part in, we might be able to assist you with funding towards the course fees on some of our courses. Currently we have the following funding opportunities available.

Training funding opportunities

  • Veteran Carers Day

    Provided by Veterans Scotland for veterans and their families

  • The RobertsonTrust

    Provided by Robertson Trust towards Best Practice in Dementia Care

  • Fowler Smith Jones Trust

    Provided by Fowler Smith Jones Trust for care organisations based in Essex towards Best Practice in Dementia Care

  • Cumbria and North East Carers Day

    With Support from the Dementia Fund (Comic Relief, The Ballinger Trust and Northern Rock) training days are available for family and unpaid carers living in the North East of England and Cumbria