Person-centred planning: creating meaningful processes in dementia care

Programme summary

Despite an emphasis on working in partnership with people with dementia when planning their care and support, the person with dementia may not be as truly and as meaningfully engaged in the process as possible. In order to ensure a person-centred approach to planning care, the life experience and views of people with dementia must be valued and fully incorporated. This requires staff undertaking this process to have the knowledge, skills, confidence and ability to ensure the best possible outcomes for people with dementia.

This study day will provide participants with the opportunity to incorporate the principles of personhood into their planning processes thus providing meaningful support for people with dementia. Part of the study day will focus on the need for staff planning care to be accountable and responsible when documenting care needs and how to ensure any documentation is communicated successfully to all stakeholders, following best practice guidelines.

Who is this programme for

  • Health & Social Care staff
  • Nursing Staff
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Housing and Home care staff
  • Any other staff responsible or involved in the care planning process for people with dementia in all environments

Further details

A one day learning programme

A similar learning programme can also be offered as a bespoke learning programme at a location of your choice

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