Iris Murdoch Building

DSDC is based in the Iris Murdoch Building which combines an office base, teaching rooms, an internationally-recognised design suite and gardens, a world-class library and a Conference Centre

The Centre’s inventory of materials is comprehensive, user-friendly and founded on reliable sources of evidence. The Centre has also led the way internationally in its focus on strategies for creating dementia-friendly environments.
Mary E Schultz
Société Alzheimer Canada


The Design and Technology Suite and gardens provide a permanent, continuously updated display of the best design ideas, which is open to the public, and provides inspiration for anyone interested in dementia-friendly environments.

The Virtual Care Home, where design ideas and can be viewed, is also available.

The Library offers a reference facility including access to books and articles.

The Conference Centre, as well as being used for DSDC events, offers flexible space for fully-serviced conferences accommodating up to 120 people which is available for private booking.