Dementia Centred

Last year, Alisdair Clements, Architect and Co-founder of INCH Architecture + Design, presented at DSDC’s International Masterclass on Dementia Care, Design and Ageing.


His presentation focused on the role architects and design professionals play within the field of design and delivery of spaces for older people, specifically those with dementia. The presentation investigated the complexity of efficiently delivering evidence based design within the public sector. Alisdair referenced recent INCH collaborations with local authorities, demonstrating how designers can use ‘toolkits’ to ensure that decision makers and delivery staff are able to safely provide end users with choice and control over their own environments.


Additional 2019 International Masterclass presentations will be available to access through the online Intersection of Dementia + Design training course, which will be launched later this year. For more...

Dementia Centred
13th May 2020

Hospital admission can be a frightening and stressful prospect for any of us, but for those living with dementia this can be...