Dementia Centred

Ian Sloan was one of DSDC’s Keynote Speakers at last year’s International Masterclass. During his presentation, Ian spoke very openly about his journey with dementia and the impact the diagnosis has had on him and his wife. You can watch Ian’s presentation below, and you can access a full range of presentations from last year’s International Masterclass when you take the new Online Intersection of Dementia + Design training course.


Ian was born in Cheshire where his father was a police officer. In the 50’s, his father retrained as a teacher before moving the family back to West Cumbria, where both sets of grandparents lived. Ian left school at 15 with no formal qualifications and went to work for a bank. Starting at the bottom, and after 7 years of hard work, he qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers. Ian spent  most of his working life in the banking, pension and investments fields before...

Dementia Centred
16th Jun 2020

Allen Candy, CEO at Life Care Australia presented at DSDC’s International Masterclass on Dementia Care, Design and...

Dementia Centred
15th Jun 2020