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Many of us are going to be spending more time in our gardens this spring than ever before.  Our gardens may be the safest place for us to spend time out of doors, so what can be done to make your home garden more dementia friendly? The DSDC has compiled a basic list of hints and tips to make your garden more accessible and enjoyable this summer.

Though gardens are not interior spaces, they can still be vital living spaces when a person is at home.  The garden provides opportunities to engage with nature when one is outdoors, and also when one is inside the house.

Dementia friendly design principles are often talked about in relation to the built environment, but many of those same principles can be used to make outdoor space more accessible, more engaging and encourage higher levels of physical activity.  The following are some top tips for making the garden more dementia friendly.

1 Make it barrier free
  One of the reasons gardens do not get used by...

Dementia Centred
19th Jan 2021

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