Dementia Centred

When most people are asked about the symptoms of dementia they know it is related to memory loss. But when you live with dementia every day or support someone who is living with dementia you quickly realise that memory loss is just one part of the complex nature of dementia. As well as causing changes in communication and sometimes in behaviour, when structural changes happen in the brain it impacts on how the individual understands and moves through their environment. These challenges can sometimes lead to isolation, loss of independence, decreased mobility, and faster cognitive decline. However, research has shown us that there are ways in which we can make the environment more easily understood, and more supportive of independence in people living with dementia.

There are a few basic principles that can be particularly helpful when applied to the environment in a domestic setting. One of the first things to consider are ways of reducing anxiety caused by the environment...

Dementia Centred
29th Apr 2021

It is not uncommon in services when discussing distressed behaviour in an individual to hear someone say ‘there isn...