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By DSDC Team

October 12th, 2015

Design and Dementia: a basic human right

The importance of design and architecture for reducing disability in people who live with dementia has never been so high in the agenda of care providers.   We have research that shows which basic principles make a difference to how independent people can be, and translating that research into action is the next big challenge.

This is one of the reasons why I am so delighted to have been appointed as the Chief Architect for the Dementia Services Development Centre.  For more than a quarter of a century the DSDC has been advising on the changes that make a difference. Now it is time for a change of gear on this issue.

Dementia friendly design is a basic human right for people with dementia.  But it also makes life easier for those who care for them. Of course in care home settings there is the advantage of reduced staff costs and reduced adverse incidents, but in the person’s own home the need is just as great.

At the International Dementia Conference in Birmingham on November 3rd and 4th I will be joined by nearly twenty architects and designers who have ideas to share on how to make things better.  Some are solid research based ideas, and some are exploring completely new territory.  I’m really pleased to be able to be with these presenters so early in my time working with the DSDC.

For those who want to join us, whether from housing organisations, care home providers, hospital designers or even people with dementia and their carers, we have a fantastic show of equipment, furniture and design ideas that will transform their lives.

The Dementia Design Academy will be the centre piece of the show where we have created a 1:1 build of a dementia friendly community. The ‘community’ will consist of a common garden, café, GP surgery and apartment and it will feature furniture and other features from many of the 250 exhibitors in the show.

Whether you are a technical expert or an interested browser, please let us know what you think.

Chief Architect Lesley Palmer from Dementia Services Development Centre will join fellow architects and international dementia experts at the International Dementia Conference in Birmingham, 3-4 November 2015. Reserve your place at the conference to find out about the latest changes in dementia care that could help you to better serve your clients, patients, family or yourself.