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By Ailidh Aikman

April 26th, 2019

Dementia care, design and ageing

The 2019 International Masterclass on Dementia Care, Design & Ageing (IMDDA), hosted by the DSDC at the University of Stirling is set to take place next month.

It is a great honour to be able to welcome speakers and guests from across continents to the Iris Murdoch Building to discuss ideas from personal experience, design innovation, practice, policy and research. We are particularly privileged to host such an array of internationally acclaimed speakers in the DSDC’s 30th anniversary year.

Since the Centre’s inception, it has proudly offered an integrated approach to matters of dementia (personal, societal and environmental); all inextricably linked. It is therefore fitting that we can take this opportunity to invite the speakers that we find inspiring. 


Day 1: Ageing environments and policy

09:00 Registration

09:15 Welcome: Professor Judith Phillips, Deputy Principal (Research), University of Stirling –A welcome from the Deputy Principle & introduction to the University’s Research Themes

09:30 Keynote: Professor Satoka Hotta, Keio University, Japan – ‘The Centre for Compassionate Community & Centre for Dementia Friendly Community through co-creation’

10:15 Break

10:30 Ms Wendy Mitchell, UK, 'Living with Dementia - my life of adapting'

11:00 Dr Donald McAskill, CEO, Scottish Care, UK ‘A human-rights based approach'

11:30 Ms Avril Hepner, British Deaf Association, UK – ‘Transforming the Deaf Dementia Experience’

12:00 Alisdair Clements, Director of INCH Architecture, Dementia Design in Public Contacts: Collaboration with North Lanarkshire Council

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Mr Ryoji Noritake, President, Health & Global Policy Institute, Japan ‘Dementia & Health Policy’ 

14:15 Professor Ian Philp, Chair of Global Ageing, University of Stirling

15:00 Break

15:30 Dr Katey Twyford, Dept of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK ‘Moving in and out of extra care housing'

16:00 Mr Richard Murphy OBE, and Mr Dennis O'Keefe, Richard Murpphy Architects Ltd., UK, 'Design as a Value Generator' Case studies of the Elmview and Muirview Units at Stratheden Hospital, Fife

16:20 Keynote: Professor Habib Chaudhury, Professor of Department of Gerontology, Simon Fraser University, Canada, ‘Design Matters: Creating Responsive Environments for People with Dementia in Long-Term Care Settings

17:10 Drinks reception, exhibition & networking

Day 2: Person centered technology & design

09:00 Registration

09:15 Welcome: Lesley Palmer, Head of Design Services and Chief Architect, DSDC ‘A review of best practice examples’

09:45 Keynote: Mr Ian Sloan, UK ‘Living with dementia: How DSDC changed my life’ 

10:15 Break

10:30 Frank Ehrenberg, Principal, Marchese Partners International, Australia ‘Delivering dementia-friendly housing: an overview of MPI & DSDC projects’

11:00 Allen Candy, CEO, Lifecare, Australia ‘App-based care’

11:30 Lucy Richards, Director, Studio LR, UK ‘Inclusive Symbols: Co-design in practice’

12:00 Bodil Akesson, Arjo, Sweden ‘The Industrial Designers guide to designing products for people with dementia: a DSDC Arjo Collaboration’

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Una Lynch, Sonrisa Solutions, Northern Ireland ‘Robotics, technology and protecting the dignity of people with dementia’ 

14:00 Rob Charlton, Director, BIM Technologies / Space Group, UK ‘Norman meet Iridis: an Ambient Assisted living concept’

14:30 Dr Mauro Dragone, Assistant Professor, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Heriot Watt University, UK ‘Internet of Robotic Things and the Techno-Care Relationship’

15:00 Break

15:30 Elaine Shine, Standards Consultant, BS Standard Solution, UK ‘Design for the mind’

16:00 Mr Fu Ziyi, Hitachi, China, 'Hitachi’s Approach to Elderly & Dementia in China: DCM Solutions for Elderly & Dementia Made Possible by Advanced Measurement Technology'

16:25 Closing comments: Professor Alison Bowes, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling, UK

16:40 End of conference

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