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April 26th, 2019

Living with dementia: How DSDC changed my life

Mr Ian Sloan (UK) is one of DSDC’s keynote speakers at the forthcoming International Masterclass. Ian is living with dementia and shares his experiences.


Ian was born in Cheshire where his father was a police officer.  In the 50’s, his father retrained as a teacher before moving the family back to West Cumbria, where both sets of grandparents lived. Ian left school at 15 with no formal qualifications and went to work for a bank.  Starting at the bottom and after 7 years of hard work, he qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers.  Ian spent most of his working life in the banking, pension and investments fields before moving into training and senior management. He also had a brief spell out of the financial sector when he worked for the Atomic Energy constabulary firstly as a police constable, then acting Detective Sergeant. Ian retired in 2005 after having a stroke and once able, he volunteered for the stroke association. In 2013 he was diagnosed with vascular dementia.  Since then, Ian has spoken to the Dementia Action Alliance on living with dementia and the lack of facilities available in his area. Ian passionately believes there should be more available for anyone living with dementia and he hope to keep campaigning for as long as he can.


By profession I am a banker and I spent most of my working life in the banking, pension and investment fields before moving in to training and senior management. Throughout my working life I have always had to rely on my memory to store facts and figures which were needed to enable me to perform well. Since living with dementia I am no longer able to use a bank card, count cash or deal with the household finances, yet I still retain the ability for mental arithmetic.

My confidence in my abilities had hit an all-time low as my wife had taken over all responsibilities then in April last year she was invited to attend a workshop organised by DSDC. As I could not cope being left on my own and having no one to care for me the mental health team looked after me that day so that my wife could attend and we are both so grateful that this happened otherwise the changes to our lives would not have occurred. If you are lucky enough to attend a DSDC workshop and if you are ready, willing and able to absorb the information gained then this can be life changing for anyone who lives with dementia and their carers. I feel passionately that all carers in all walks of life should have the opportunity to attend a workshop as I know from personal experience how the workshop has improved not only my life but also that of my wife.

Ian will be presenting at this year's International Masterclass on 14 + 15 May. Book your tickets here

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