Dementia Centred

By DSDC Guest

August 13th, 2019

Designing for dementia environments

Sharron Kapellar is National Framework Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems and attended DSDC’s Intersection of Dementia + Design and International Masterclass in May 2019.  Forbo Flooring Systems were the first organisation to officially have products assessed through DSDC’s Product Accreditation scheme in 2017, and they continue to work with DSDC to understand how their products can be applied to support an ageing population.

Having attended the Intersection of Dementia + Design training course and the International Masterclass in designing for dementia at DSDC, University of Stirling, with attendees from around the world, you come away with not just a wealth of knowledge but also a renewed understanding of how good design can make a positive impact on people with dementia. Vitally, you learn from inspirational speakers with diagnosed dementia, explaining how they have a new lease of life.

The new paradigm in designing for dementia enables Forbo Flooring Systems to advise and help their clients, creating better environments for public spaces and specific dementia care areas.

With the ageing population and the number of people with dementia increasing, consequently good design approaches are becoming more and more important in all spaces. This is evident now in public spaces as well as residential environments.

At Forbo we now offer inhouse training to all our Business Area Managers to enable them to confidentially assist Architects, Building Contractors, End Users and Facilities Managers with design aspects of an environment that ensure they are safe, welcoming and functional for all age groups.

At Forbo our vast range of products enable us to offer multiple solutions and choices to complement with other finishes. Our website also advises which products work with each other for an all-inclusive environment. Our holistic approach is made possible by working with the DSDC University of Stirling team, with their knowledge and wealth of practical experience coming from Lesley Palmer - Chief Architect, Martin Quirke – Architect, Lynsey Hutchinson – Interior Designer and Lynda Hutton – Mental Health Nurse. This approach gives us an impartial view of recommended products for the environment proven to increase the quality of life for everyone.

DSDC offers tours through the design and technology suite, showcasing room setups that enable you to see the pros and cons of everyday environments both public and residential areas, with the interactive assessments enabling you to clearly see where things can go wrong and what can be improved to make a positive difference.

At Forbo we aim to consider accessible environments regardless of mobility or disability when advising on designing spaces from the floor up. For more information, please visit our website.

For more information on design training, please visit the DSDC website.

~ Sharron Kapellar

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