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October 19th, 2015

Groundbreaking Survey reveals very different attitudes to Dementia between Men and Woman


“In essence, women are realists and men are slightly more oblivious”

A year long survey conducted by the Dementia Services Development Centre at Stirling University has revealed significant differences in the attitudes of men and women about dementia and how those affected should be cared for.

Professor June Andrews, Director of the DSDC comments:

Women are more affected by dementia worldwide, more likely to get it, be carers for those with it as well as be in lower paid jobs as carers in the industry.  They are more likely to be concerned that they or their loved ones will get dementia whereas men believe there will be a cure in their lifetime.  In essence, women are realists and men are slightly more oblivious.”

Over 2500 people from all four corners of the world have completed the survey – known as the ‘Big Ask’.  Results will be revealed at the first International Dementia Conference on 3 and 4 November at The Vox, Birmingham.  So far it shows that:

-          More women than men believe that voluntary euthanasia should be an option for those with dementia. 

-          More woman (50%) fear dementia more than cancer. Only 35% of men agreed with this statement.

-          Women experience more anxiety when posed with questions around dementia and were more likely to give negative feedback than men. 

-          Nearly three quarters of women responding believe that avoiding hospital admission is vital for those with dementia – almost one quarter less men agreed with this statement.

-          Men are more likely to view hospital care and medicine as a positive intervention – far fewer women agreed with this statement.

-          Men are more likely to believe they should contribute to their own care (both personally and through families). 


Download the report and associated graphs here. 

For further information about the Big Ask and attending the International Dementia Conference, please visit www.internationaldementiaconference.co.uk

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