By Siobhan McDermott

February 8th, 2016

Best Practice in Dementia Care: Housing

DSDC is proud to be launching a new bespoke training syllabus for the Best Practice Programme for housing staff.

This accredited programme already has bespoke syllabus for hospitals and day hospitals; care homes and day care; domiciliary, re-ablement, home care and the community; and Emergency/A&E departments. 

As the number of people with dementia living in their own homes grows, their needs are changing. This means that increasingly housing staff will play a significant role in supporting that person and their family to maintain their independence. As housing staff often work on their own, this can bring its own challenges in terms of safety, standards, support and care.  The training programme will help housing staff provide the best care and support for people with dementia and enable them to live well in their own home. 

The housing programme will be ready from April but bookings can be made now. If you would like more information, or to book training, please speak to Lynsey at Lynsey.Manson@stir.ac.uk or 01786 467732.

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