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March 9th, 2016

Dementia Design Gold Awards

Congratulations to Dementia Assessment Unit, Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford and Wrekin Housing Group, Limewood both have achieved the Gold Standard from DSDC in their recent design accreditations 

Dementia Assessment Unit, Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford

The first entire dementia assessment unit audited by DSDC. The project consists of the refurbishment of the ground floor of an existing two-storey care building to provide a 22 bed dementia assessment unit. The DAU is designed to provide perambulatory routes around two internal courtyards. Accommodation consists of; 22 en-suite bedrooms, communal lounge, dining and activity room, quiet lounge, assisted bathing, two internal courtyards. Ancillary staff and welfare accommodation is also provided. Examples of best practice: The architect for the project worked closely with the toilet manufacturer to create a dementia friendly non-speckled colour for the integrated (and sealed) contrasting toilet seat; The bedroom doors were 1 & 1/2 leaf and the architect has achieved an innovative, successful detail whereby the 1/2 leaf does and surrounding door frame does not contrast with adjacent wall. This ensures the door is sufficiently wide enough for a bed but reduces frustration by the patients of trying to open the 1/2 leaf. 

Wrekin Housing Group, Limewood

Limewood comprises seven ‘clusters’ for people with dementia, on three floors, with their own adjacent hub which offers a bar, hairdresser, cinema and snug in a 1950’s styled street scape. The ‘clusters’ are fundamentally the same although three have nine rooms and the rest eight. The aim is to keep people with dementia until the end of their lives where possible, since beds are flexible and can be agreed as either nursing or residential depending on assessment and need.  Examples of best practice; The attention to detail especially the threshold strips, was exemplary; There were a lot of clocks, which are very orientating for people with dementia; There was a lot of light, both natural light and artificial lights; There was a lot of corridor seating. 

Dementia Design Audit Accreditation

DSDC offers a full expert audit service which leads to an independent Dementia Design Audit Certificate. This goes further than a self-assessment and has proven of great practical and reputation value to organisations over the last 10 years.
It involves:
  • an assessment visit by expert auditors
  • a detailed report providing feedback within a month on areas of design in the building, advice on suggested improvements and a rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • a certificate from the University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre valid for 3 years
  • Organisations have also used the audit service to assess environments before and after change and have used the tool as a key part of service change and development programmes.
View some of the Award-Winning Buildings which have received Accreditation Certificates from DSDC.
Also see our audit FAQ's.


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