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April 6th, 2016

Best Practice Training in Dementia Care in Hong Kong

DSDC delivers Best Practice in Dementia Care training across the world. Since 2015 we have worked with the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing (JCCPA). We asked Florence Ho, General Manager, JCCPA and Dr. Maria Chui, General Manager (Nursing), Shatin Hospital Authority, Hong Kong to reflect on the first phase on Best Practice training in Hong Kong.

JCCPA is a dementia-specific day care centre located in Hong Kong under the management of Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Understanding the importance of proper training to formal caregivers and recognising the excellence of the Best Practice Training in Dementia Care, JCCPA collaborated with DSDC to implement the Best Practice Training in Dementia Care in Hong Kong in 2015. 

JCCPA is a non-profit psychosocial organization dedicated to care for the elderly with mild or moderate dementia. It provides integrated care service to the elderly with dementia including day care services; memory clinic; outreach case management service; research; training and public education. During its 15 years of operation, JCCPA has organised over 1,100 training courses aimed at both formal and informal caregivers of people with dementia. 

Pauline Cameron from DSDC led the 3 day training of the facilitators in Hong Kong. The facilitators consisted of 21 nurses, social workers and occupational therapists from public hospitals, dementia day care centers and old age homes, who were involved in dementia care in their duties.

The facilitators all had previous experience of formal dementia care and therefore found the in-depth sharing conducted during the training fruitful . After the facilitator training, the facilitators trained their frontline colleagues in their workplace, each facilitator trained eight participants, the facilitated sessions  gave front line staff the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned in their group sessions, as well as apply what they have learned to benefit both the service users, their colleagues, and the organizations.

The facilitators found the training very useful, it gave them an opportunity to both revise what they already knew as well as learn new caring practice and skills in a systematic manner, guided by the DSDC trainers. The facilitators also found the mixed group useful and they treasured the opportunity to learn together with social welfare staff of various occupations and settings, gaining an insight and understanding of how formal dementia care was performed in other settings, this widened their horizon and provoked them to think more about how they could improve their own dementia care. The training accredited them to provide further training to their colleagues, thereby propagating the benefit of the program throughout the social welfare staffs.

The facilitators provided good feedback after the first phase, and in a hope to further advance the dementia care staff training in Hong Kong, JCCPA plans to apply for funding to further extend this program in Hong Kong, this will include some additional local adaptation of the training material and case studies used.

Some of the identified adaptations for the next phase include:

a closer fit to the culture and environment of Hong Kong, such as providing more time to comprehend the war background in the case study,

an update of the medication list and legal aspects and issues in the training materials to match those applicable in Hong Kong,

a translation of the training material to Chinese as quite a lot of the frontline staffs in Hong Kong are not proficient enough in English. 

Florence HoFlorence Ho, General Manager, Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, Hong Kong.
JCCPA provides quality training to people with dementia to delay the decline in cognitive ability and encourage them to maintain normal social activities. It also helps to relieve stress among family members through supporting services and aids the further development of dementia care through training and research.


Dr. Maria Chui, General Manager (Nursing), Shatin Hospital. Hospital Authority, Hong Kong
Dr Maria Chui is a registered nurse in general nursing and obtained her doctoral degree in Health Sciences in 2010. She developed her special interest in gerontological nursing since working in Shatin Hospital in 1993. In 2007, she conducted an action research with her nursing colleagues towards a planned change in use of physical restraint on older people. Her research interests include knowledge translation, planned change, person-centred care and building a positive practice environment for nurses. 

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