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June 22nd, 2016

Dementia Design - words from Orkney

NHS Orkney is currently going through the process of building a new hospital to replace Balfour Hospital.

The two-storey rural general hospital will provide a mix of surgical, medical, anaesthetic, obstetric, diagnostic, nursing, midwifery and allied health profession services on an outpatient, day or inpatient basis.

It will also house primary and community care services including two GP practices and NHS Orkney's public dental services. Both the Scottish Ambulance Service and NHS24 will also have their base in the building.

The 16,248m2 development will have 49 beds, the majority of which are single rooms with en suite facilities.

Its A&E department will have facilities for IT remote decision making, and existing outpatient and day care facilities will be expanded.

Rhoda Walker, Clinical Lead for the new build project attended the Dementia Design School at DSDC in Stirling, afterwards we asked Rhoda to share with us what she took away from the Design School.

"I attended the Dementia Design School so I could gain as much insight into the key design aspects to be considered when planning our new hospital and healthcare facilities here in Orkney.

As the Clinical Lead for the new build project I have been able to take the key aspects from the event back to the team and will take them forward with the architects, design team and the clinicians locally.

The Audit Tool provides an excellent set of guidance for us to keep referring to and it was so reassuring to learn that so many of the key design points also supports patients and public with other sensory or cognitive impairments and it provides an excellent steer in terms of how to meet a wide group of patients/public needs without too many competing demands on design.  

I would fully recommend this event to anyone involved in planning new builds for health and/or social care or indeed where upgrades to existing buildings are being planned."

You can learn more about the array of design services offered by DSDC, including the Design School, here.

Creative Commons Photo "Ring of Brodgar in Orkney" by Shadowgate

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