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By Lynn Kennedy

July 11th, 2016

Strengthening your service through Leadership & management in dementia care.

The role of leading & managing a care service can be a thankless job sometimes. Competing priorities can come fast and furious.

Not only do you have the safety and protection of service users, relatives, visitors and staff to consider, but you also have the legal and regulatory responsibilities of providing a care service to take into account. You can begin to see why some managers wonder why they do the job!

What if there was a way of making sense of effective leadership and management of a care service. A way of supporting you to develop and enhance your skills to ensure you can tackle some of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Things like:

  • How to provide evidence of best practice
  • Becoming a critical practitioner
  • Why service aims, purpose and vision are so important
  • Using the right tools
  • Inspection & Complaints – when care goes wrong
  • Improving your environment to improve your care

Julia Wardhaugh & Paul Wilding state that: ‘The corruption of care is fact and a problem’ 

And they suggest that: ‘Management failure underlies the corruption of care’

(Wardhaugh & Wilding – Towards and Explanation of the Corruption of Care 1993)

No one should underestimate the responsibilities that a manager has when leading a care service. That is why ways of supporting and enhancing their knowledge, skills and development are all vital.

DSDC have developed a course which provides just that. Our Leadership & Management in Dementia Care course will be available from October  2016.


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