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By Shirley Law

January 11th, 2017

DSDC in Australia

In February 2016 DSDC started working with Life Care in Adelaide.

Life Care is an organisation that is committed to providing excellence in dementia services in South Australia where they aim to provide each person they support with a quality of life that has meaning and purpose. At this time we worked with the Life Care team to give them the necessary evidence based knowledge on best practice within a community setting and also residential services. As well as carrying out consultancy work I had the pleasure of teaching many of the Life Care front line team, volunteers, senior management and the board members themselves. I was impressed by everyone’s compassion for the individuals and families they support and the commitment to support each other. 

One year on DSDC has now formed a partnership with Life Care to help them to continue to deliver excellence. The learning which has taken place over this past year has been significant and continues to be rolled out by the Life Care team in and around Adelaide. I had the pleasure of visiting my new colleagues in November 2016 where I also spent time with residents and family carers on site, attended community teaching sessions and witnessed first-hand some of the excellent care and support delivered by the team. I was honoured to represent The University of Stirling and present certificates to the staff who had successfully completed their studies in 2016.

I would like to wish everyone at Life Care best wishes for 2017.


Shirley Law with Allen Candy, CEO of Life Care


The main photo above is of the Care Coordinators receiving their certificates.
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