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By Ailidh Aikman

June 15th, 2020

Online Intersection of Dementia + Design

DSDC is delighted to announce the launch of two new online dementia design courses. From Monday 6 July 2020, you will be able to take the ‘Introduction to Dementia + Design’ and our popular ‘Intersection of Dementia + Design’ training courses online.

The centre is internationally recognised in the field of dementia design and has been delivering face to face design training for a number of years. The new online courses, based on the current dementia design training programmes, are designed to be flexible and allow participants to work through content remotely.  

DSDC’s bespoke training on dementia design works to redress the balance between dementia care and dementia design by focusing on the complex combination of the individual, dementia and the environment.

The Intersection of Dementia + Design course will develop your knowledge of the key principles of ‘dementia friendly’ design, which is seen as one of a set of non-pharmacological interventions for people with dementia. Any setting for people living with dementia should be dementia friendly to optimise the treatment outcomes from all interventions. This course is suitable for anyone involved in the development or delivery of services and spaces where people with dementia may live, work or play. The Introduction to Dementia + Design will provide an overview to this.

See the links below for specific information relating to each course, and book your place now!

Introduction to Dementia + Design

Intersection of Dementia + Design

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