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By Ailidh Aikman

September 20th, 2021

Best Practice Update

Slowly we are beginning to return to face-to-face teaching, although we had to make some changes to how we deliver training - but not the content!

The DSDC team have been reviewing Best Practice Facilitator Training to adapt to new restrictions and safety measures that have been implemented in line with government recommendations. While the content of the course has not changed, DSDC have condensed facilitator training to a one day course.

Facilitator training days are crucial to the overall success of the programme as it underpins the team learning. Content has been designed so that facilitators maximise their time learning the vital skills they require. There is a lot to fit into the day, so onsite training at DSDC will commence sharply at 0900 and must finish by 1600 to allow for the cleaning programme to be undertaken. The University of Stirling has implemented deep cleaning programmes for teaching room at the end of each day to ensure the safety of those using the spaces.

DSDC also decided to reduce the training from two days to one as the team is aware that two days out of the workplace can be a lot. Additionally, in the current situation, some people may be hesitant to stay overnight so it is hoped that reducing the training to one day will help ease pressures and concerns.

We have reduced the training by:

  • Omitting the tour of the Iris Murdoch Building. We are reducing unnecessary movement around the building for safety purposes, and the Design & Technology Suite remains closed to the public.
  • Asking facilitators to review the DVD ‘Darkness in the Afternoon’ independently as the DVD is provided as part of the course materials.
  • Group-work has been altered and the training is more interactive to allow for more questions and answers. 

As always there is ongoing support provided by the DSDC should any questions arise following the training day. The facilitator training materials, as well as eight participant packs, are provided as part of the cost of the course which supports everyone as they go through the course. 

Our first face-to-face Best Practice Facilitator Training event is scheduled for the 26th of October and is available to book via Eventbrite.  There will be a limit on the number of participants to allow social distancing, and priority will be initially given to those on the waiting list and then on a first come first serve basis.

We are also in the process of reviewing the course materials for relaunch next year.  This has been informed by feedback of participants as well as observations of staff delivering the training over several years.  The new format will largely remain the same with some updated information as well as being more generic and therefore transferrable across all sectors and not preclude some services.  It will demonstrate the adaptability of Best Practice Programme across many contexts and settings and reassure staff that the qualification does apply if they change setting or service.

For more information on the Best Practice course, visit our website or contact us at dementia@stir.ac.uk

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