Dementia Centred

This was originally written 4 years ago, unfortunately, high prescribing rates still exist and recent research suggests that rates are climbing again during Covid-19. Unfortunately the questions remain in relation to appropriate pathways of support for people living with dementia who are distressed.

Why does it matter if we use antipsychotic medications to address distressed behaviour in people with dementia?

When I started my very first job in care in 1989 we had some interesting ideas about the behaviour of people with dementia. I was still living in the US at the time, but from what I have gathered, care of people with dementia wasn’t so different in the UK at the time. If someone “wandered” we restrained them, in their wheelchair, in their bed, in their lazy boy recliner.  Of course now we recognise that this is not an appropriate intervention. It restricts the rights...

Dementia Centred
23rd Nov 2020

Katey has worked for many years within social care and has worked in partnership with housing and health services. The...