Dementia Centred

Katey has worked for many years within social care and has worked in partnership with housing and health services. The presentation below is based on a PhD study which explored the potential of extra care housing to support people with dementia. It involved talking to people who lived and worked in extra care to find out what worked and what didn’t. The research revealed four themes that help people live well: first, there should be a clear understanding of how independent people have to be when they first move in to extra care, and what support can be provided as people need more help; second, people should feel safe in the physical environment and should be able to find their way around the building and outside environment easily; third, there should be a friendly, skilled and competent team of people to support individuals who have dementia; and lastly there should be a well-developed community where residents can take part in activities, develop new friendships and reduce...

12th Nov 2020

Great news! The DSDC has now put their Leading the Way in Dementia Care: a learning programme for social care leaders online...

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