Dementia Centred

DSDC was privileged when Sunday Times Best Selling Author Wendy Mitchell agreed to present at the International Masterclass last year. Wendy candidly talks about her experience of being diagnosed with dementia and how she fights to make others aware that a diagnosis of dementia can open new doors.

You can watch Wendy’s presentation below. Wendy’s presentation is just one of many that you will have access to when you take the new online Intersection of Dementia + Design training course.



When diagnosed with dementia many people believe it to be the end, because no one tells them any different. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s a bummer of a diagnosis, but if thought of as the start of a different life, a life of adapting to the challenges that come your way, it can make it a...

Dementia Centred
19th Jun 2020

Ian Sloan was one of DSDC’s Keynote Speakers at last year’s International Masterclass. During his presentation,...

Dementia Centred
16th Jun 2020
Dementia Centred
15th Jun 2020

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