Dementia Centred

In this article, Nicky Roeber, Online Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres, takes a closer look at why a garden is a great environment for people with dementia and shares his top tips on creating a dementia-friendly garden that's accessible and sensory.

A garden can be a really special place — somewhere to relax, bring together different generations, interact with nature, and feel more connected to the world. And, for people with dementia, spending time outdoors can be extremely beneficial, so it really is worth adapting your garden to cater to their needs.

What benefits can a dementia-friendly garden offer?

Physically speaking, there are quite a few benefits of gardening for someone with dementia. It can help them to get light exercise and encourage them to use their motor skills, all while ensuring they get a healthy level of exposure to sunlight. Getting...

Dementia Centred
7th Jun 2021

Weddings are a time of celebration with the people that you love and who mean the most to you, and you want them to be able...

Dementia Centred
27th May 2021