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New wall and floor products created for dementia environments with Altro

DSDC’s work with Altro delivers dementia-friendly wall and floor coverings. Altro is a UK business that specialises in the manufacture and supply of wall and floor coverings for health and care environments. The company has an international clientele and distributes to more than 50 countries.

The Challenge

Altro approached DSDC as they wanted to develop a dementia-friendly range for use by architects and designers, and to explore the relevant design issues in order to address the specific needs of people with dementia.“We wanted to benefit from the expertise that the DSDC have built up as experts in their field and we worked closely with them in developing a range of colours to enable this particular product to address the design issues that those designing for dementia encounter,” says an Altro spokesperson.

The entire process was rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable. The individuals within the DSDC team have a highly developed understanding of the needs of people with dementia. They are enthusiastic and caring with a true passion for what they do and how we can all make a difference to people’s lives,”
says an Altro spokesperson.

What DSDC Did

DSDC’s specialists established the colour, contrast and design considerations that need to be taken into account when creating interior environments for people with dementia.  Altro applied the learning and translated it into product and colour solutions. After review and further comment, the colours were refined and put into production.

“The DSDC contributed significantly to the development of the range, ensuring that designers are able to create interior environments that best support people with dementia, their carers and friends and family,” says an Altro spokesperson.


The outcome is a range of colours that combine with each other, as well as other interior surfaces, to produce sympathetic and pleasing environments for those affected by dementia.

As a result of its partnership with the DSDC, Altro has started to develop an improved level of understanding of the importance of design, colour and contrast choice when developing dementia-friendly environments.

This not only applies to health and care environments but also other public buildings to ensure that, wherever possible, the needs of people with dementia are catered for.