Training – Care Home

Rapid use of bespoke training creates a step change in care standards and behaviour

Bespoke training can offer a cost-effective and rapid response to critical inspection reports. DSDC’s work with a well-known Care Home in Scotland, part of one of the biggest private groups in the UK, really shows how this can be done quickly and effectively.

The Challenge

A Care Inspectorate report highlighted a range of attitude and behavioural issues in the way the home was working. (This is why we are keeping this case study anonymous).The report’s findings were potentially very damaging for the reputation of the home and the confidence of the staff - unless action was taken quickly.

Working with the care home’s manager DSDC

  • observed the way staff were working
  • identified the underlying issues at the root of the problem
  • designed a training programme for all staff to equip them with new knowledge and techniques

What DSDC Did

A full-day session was run on four different days to cover all staff in the home. Each session was built on the “Understanding Behaviour in Dementia Care” programme but tailor-made for the Care Home. This meant more time was spent on the practical issues where the problems had been observed:

  • communication
  • care planning
  • documentation
  • recording of incidents
  • use of medication


By getting to grips quickly with the way staff were working there was an almost immediate improvement in professional practice and confidence and, more importantly, a real change to the care delivered to those in the home.

The real value of bespoke training in this case was the speed, responsiveness and relevance of the programme to specific needs of the Care Home.

“These one-day programmes put on by the Dementia Centre helped us get out of a hole after a bad care inspection. I wish we had run them before the Care Inspectorate pointed out what we already knew but which we had simply not done enough to sort out.” Care Home Manager