Dementia-Friendly Northern Ireland

DSDC is working to transform the experience of people with dementia in Northern Ireland, backed by a unique joint funding agreement between the Northern Ireland Government and international charitable foundation Atlantic Philanthropies.

Case studies

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09: Education - Knowledge Development

Joint Venture

Established in 2007 in Belfast,  DSDC Northern Ireland works across all 26 districts. The Dementia Services Development Trust (DSDT), the charity which stands behind DSDC, was awarded a further £1.2m for a period of three years from April 2012:

  • to improve the lives of people with dementia
  • to influence practice and policy by providing education, training and consultancy to carers, nursing and medical staff, and others involved in dementia support
  • to support implementation of the Northern Ireland Regional Dementia Strategy.


DSDC is continuing to deliver a dedicated transformational change service specifically for Northern Ireland, including

  • Training – specialist capacity development and training Programmes (including the DSDC Flagship Courses, Best Practice and Leadership and Management in Dementia Care: Aspiring to Excellence) and bespoke training
  • Design – advice and support on dementia-friendly design including bespoke consultancy, the Audit and Accreditation programme and the Design School
  • Capacity Development – working with public agencies and the independent sector
  • Information – promoting knowledge sharing and exchange
  • Policy – contributing to discussion and dialogue at national level
  • Practice – including hosting the first Dementia Convention and Awards held in May 2012 and the Dementia Achievements Conference held in October 2013.