Our Approach

DSDC works with communities and those who represent them to help make them "dementia-friendly".

The public have to be central to making any community truly dementia-friendly – this takes time, expertise and commitment
Community Leader, Scotland


Firstly, we bring to each project a strong sense of what we know works. Too much of what is done in the name of “dementia-friendly” is still not evidence-based. But our research, based on work across the world, shows that a combination of genuine local commitment and sound evidence can transform communities in a sustainable way.


Secondly, we believe that being a “dementia-friendly community” is not a one-off project that can be completed and signed off. It isn’t a badge that can be awarded or withheld by any organisation or government. It’s more like a process.


Thirdly, becoming a dementia-friendly community depends on instilling a strong, positive view about dementia. It is not a box-ticking exercise; it is more about saying to people with dementia, their carers, and everyone who has a stake in the community that this is a place where we feel a certain way about dementia.


DSDC’s approach can support anyone taking “dementia-friendly” seriously by providing 

  • the latest research and intelligence on what works in different communities across the world
  • independent assessment of dementia-related needs and services
  • facilitation and support of groups and events, small and large
  • community engagement and communication
  • leadership support, governance development and local advocacy
  • credible progress monitoring, review and evaluation