Belfast Central Mission, Memory Lane, Kirk House

Award: Gold

Memory Lane is a wing of an existing residential unit, Kirk House that has been adapted to accommodate the needs of residents with dementia. Kirk House itself is different from other residential units as it provides a housing with care model, where all residents live in their own selfcontained flatlets. The building is owned by Oaklee Trinity Housing association and Managed by Belfast Central Mission who provide the care. Memory Lane demonstrates a refurbishment to the highest dementia design standards.

Attention to detail is exemplary. The signs are an example in that they were made locally of wood taking account of the principles of good sign design for people with dementia: they are unusually ‘grown up’ and clear. The garden is accessed from both the sitting room and beside the entrance door, giving the feeling that the unit is open rather than imprisoning. There were numerous imaginative ideas such as making the back of the entrance door look like a wall and thereby a continuation of the garden.

Sarah Penney, Dementia Lead, 028 90241917,
Andrea Selby, Home Manger, 028 90402938,