Dementia Assessment Unit, Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford

Dementia Assessment Unit, Lynfield Mount Hospital, Bradford

Award: Gold

The project consists of the refurbishment of the ground floor of an existing two-storey care building to provide a 22 bed dementia assessment unit.

The DAU is designed to provide perambulatory routes around two internal courtyards. Accommodation consists of; 22 en-suite bedrooms, communal lounge, dining and activity room, quiet lounge, assisted bathing, two internal courtyards.

Ancillary staff and welfare accommodation is also provided.

Examples of best practice:

The architect for the project worked closely with the toilet manufacturer to create a dementia friendly non-speckled colour for the integrated (and sealed) contrasting toilet seat; The bedroom doors were 1 & 1/2 leaf and the architect has achieved an innovative, successful detail whereby the 1/2 leaf does and surrounding door frame does not contrast with adjacent wall. This ensures the door is sufficiently wide enough for a bed but reduces frustration by the patients of trying to open the 1/2 leaf.