Limewood, Wrekin Housing Group

Limewood, Wrekin Housing Group

Award: Gold

Limewood comprises seven ‘clusters’ for people with dementia, on three floors, with their own adjacent hub which offers a bar, hairdresser, cinema and snug in a 1950’s styled street scape.

The ‘clusters’ are fundamentally the same although three have nine rooms and the rest eight. The aim is to keep people with dementia until the end of their lives where possible, since beds are flexible and can be agreed as either nursing or residential depending on assessment and need. 

Examples of best practice

The attention to detail especially the threshold strips, was exemplary; There were a lot of clocks, which are very orientating for people with dementia; There was a lot of light, both natural light and artificial lights; There was a lot of corridor seating. 

Contact: Phil Brenner, PJB Associates.  Email:, Tel: 07515 936889