Design Consultancy

DSDC is an ideal partner for any review of services or physical environments where dementia matters.

We engaged the DSDC to provide expertise on dementia design which is used within the service specification and evaluation of bids from potential providers. By working in partnership with DSDC, we believe we will secure the best possible outcomes for people with dementia who will benefit from evidence-based dementia-friendly design.
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Bristol City Council

Case studies

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03: Product Design – Professional Advice

What We Offer

Our specialist team has worked on projects throughout the UK and internationally on the design and delivery of health care, social care and housing support to people with dementia – on large scale new build projects and smaller scale refurbishments.

This includes provision for older people, for palliative and end-of-life care, for alcohol dependency or learning disabilities, as well as design specifically for older and working age people diagnosed with dementia.

One-Day Project Review

The Review usually involves two of DSDC’s specialist team

  • working through how the key design issues that affect people with dementia can best be addressed with a whole project team (of up to 12)
  • presentations on key areas of design
  • round table discussion on specific areas of concern / interest
  • review and feedback on plans and/or following site visits.

Sessions, which work well at the start of a project, can take place at our office in Stirling, where they will include a visit to the Design & Technology Suite, or at a location to suit the project team.

Plan and Scheme Reviews

DSDC offers a cost-effective, electronic way to ensure plans and schemes meet the dementia design criteria set out in the Design Audit Tool.  Clients receive a written feedback review within 4-6 weeks and a follow-up meeting either by phone or skype.

Product Development

The DSDC team provide specialist advice and development support on products for people with dementia.  Over the last 10 years our advice has helped shape products from lifts, locks and fabric to flooring, furniture and garden ornaments.

Other Services

We also offer support on

  • thinking through changes to services for people with dementia
  • measuring the impact of projects on the environment
  • long-term project management.

For further information or quotes on these and other design services please contact us