Virtual Care Home

The DSDC Virtual Care Home, launched in 2012, offers online access to design ideas.

The Virtual Care Home is an online resource that demonstrates dementia-friendly design in care home settings or people’s own homes.

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Understanding age-related changes and impairments is the first step towards creating living environments which support the needs of older people and those with dementia, keeping them safe from dangers such as falls, which can have a devastating effect on an older person; allowing them the freedom and confidence to use their abilities to the fullest extent, in all things from the mundane to the creative; aiding memory in day-to-day living; and reinforcing personal identity.

The layouts of seven individual rooms are modelled with information revealed interactively on how the features can make a difference for people with dementia.

Click on the pictures below to view a larger version with information points on key features:


The Virtual Care Home has been made possible by the Nominet Trust, launched by broadcaster Sally Magnusson, shortlisted for the Health Service Journal Awards in 2012 and awarded Runner Up in the Online Skills and Training Category of the Nominet Internet Awards 2013.

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Glossary of terms

Architrave - Door surround

FFL - Finished floor level

Lux - The SI unit of illuminance: the illuminance produced on a surface area of 1 sqm by a luminous flux of 1 lumen uniformly distributed over that surface.

LRV - Light reflectance value - the proportion of visible light reflected by a surface compared to the sensitivity to light of the human eye. The proportion is usually expressed as a number between 0 and 100 where 0 is no reflection and 100 total reflection

WHB - Wash hand basin