Making Activity Meaningful for People with Dementia

Taking part in meaningful and enjoyable activities is really important in living well with dementia. The changes that dementia can bring sometimes mean that this is not easy.

This course will help activity coordinators and other staff or volunteers to identify what makes activity meaningful, to tailor activity to the person and to gain and share ideas and practical tips.

Those attending the two day course ‘Making Activity Meaningful for People with Dementia’ will gain the knowledge and skills to develop a varied, meaningful and person-centred programme of activity for the individuals they support, whether in a care home, in day care, at home or in another setting. Learning outcomes of the course include:

We are currently taking bookings for the following dates:

28 + 29 January 2020, DSDC, University of Stirling 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impact of dementia on the person and apply the principles of person-centred care when facilitating activity.
  • Recognise what gives an activity meaning to someone, and how to involve them in activities in more meaningful ways.
  • Develop effective communication and documentation skills to support and capture positive outcomes for people living with dementia. 
  • Reflect on how to adapt activities of interest for people living with advanced dementia. 

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