Training and support for carers is an important part of the work of DSDC

Dementia Training for Carers is a programme of one-day events built on the hugely popular "10 Helpful Hints" booklets

Each day gives practical information and help, which draws on research and knowledge developed over the last 25 years. It provides the opportunity for carers to explore specific issues which matter to them both with each other and with experts from DSDC.

Dementia Training for Carers days are free and available across the UK. Carers may also find the DSDC Dementia Awareness Training Days useful. Open to members of the public, carers and professionals of all backgrounds the focus is on providing straightforward information on dementia, its implications and what evidence shows helps people with dementia.

Both programmes and other events form part of the Dementia-friendly community projects run by DSDC which are working to support long-term change in local communities. Carers may also be interested in the work of the Carers Panel and using the Library and Information Service

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Dementia Overview PDF - translations available

We also have a helpful Dementia overview available in PDF, in the following languages: