Primary Care

Primary Care teams are pivotal to improving the lives of people with dementia.

DSDC recognises that each team has quite specific training and education needs when working through how to meet the challenges of people with dementia, of providing end-of life care and of meeting the complex health needs of older people.

DSDC designs and delivers Dementia Learning Events for Primary Care Teams, as well as providing specialist input into Protected Learning Time sessions on dementia and older people.

Each session is highly localised and often delivered in practice premises for individual practices or clusters. It addresses dementia practice in primary care, commissioning, medication and behaviour modification in the context of local pathways and services. The aim is to provide a structured opportunity for primary care teams to understand and work together on dementia provision relating to their patients, using practical, relevant and up-to-date information.

Members of primary care teams may also be interested in other training including Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning programme, the Leadership and Management in Dementia Care programme and Assessment of People with Memory Problems.

I feel this course has helped me to gain extra knowledge and confidence to deal with a person who has dementia. I found the course very interesting and enjoyed all the books, which I will treasure. Reflective exercises are very educational and make you aware of all aspects of nursing to the person with dementia. I feel all HCA who work in mental health organisations should attend this course.

Best Practice participant