Best practice in dementia care learning programme

Programme summary

This innovative programme is designed to be delivered by a key member of your staff team in their own workplace. Your key member of staff attends the 2 day facilitator course where they learn how to use the materials provided to facilitate the learning of further staff members. The facilitator you select is an experienced member of your team who understands the needs of people with dementia and has a positive attitude to change. Knowledge of their participants and their local work environment enables facilitators to link experience, actions and new knowledge into actual practice within a reflective learning framework.

Training is provided to facilitate the use locally of self-study workbooks, which cover the following topics:

  • understanding dementia
  • building meaningful relationships
  • communication and behaviour
  • providing support to families
  • health and wellbeing
  • legal issues

Reflective practice enables staff­ to develop their existing approach to dementia care and make meaningful changes in the way they support people with dementia.

The programme covers specific areas for staff in the following settings:


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Who is this programme for

  • Frontline Hospitals and day hospitals staff
  • Care homes and day care staff
  • Domiciliary, re-ablement, home care and the community staff
  • Emergency/A&E departments, critical care and minor injury units staff
  • Housing staff

Further details

The ‘Best Practice in Dementia Care’ training programme is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing and approved by City & Guilds.

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Forthcoming events

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