Harrison Park, Hull

Award: GOLD

Harrison Park Hull Extra Care PFI is made up of 65 flats with one or two bedrooms, lounge/dining area, kitchen and accessible shower room. Each flat has access to private outdoor space, either in the form of a ground floor terrace or a private balcony on the first floor. The residential building was completed in 2017 and is managed by Riverside and benefits from on-site care staff; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The main entrance is accessed from a pedestrian plaza with 2 drop-off spaces and 2 disabled parking bays located beside the pedestrian plaza. A large green space with numerous mature trees provides a pleasant outlook to the front of the building. The rest of the building is surrounded by landscaped gardens which include a safe winding pathway amongst planting. The pathway loops around at both sides of the property and is thus free of dead ends.
Residents at Harrison Park can enjoy their own private terrace or balcony dependant on their floor level. They can also access a large secure courtyard garden in the centre of the building. Many activities for daily living can be enjoyed in the courtyard including, planting in the raised planters, growing vegetables in the glasshouse, or playing games in the games court. Residents can also enjoy walking around the looping pathways for exercise, observing the bird garden and also relaxing in the summer house when the weather has changed.
Internally, the DSDC auditors were impressed by the good lines of sight achieved to the garden, hairdressers and activity rooms as well as toilets. Overall, the internal spaces were brightly lit and were further enhanced by large windows and glazed screens, providing residents with cues to the function of rooms. The dining room is a bright open plan space, central to the activity hub of the development. Screens have been provided to section off areas if a more intimate dining experience is required. Other smaller dining zones have been included within the lounges and in addition, residents have the option of being serviced/dining in their own apartment.
This is one of three projects in Hull by Riverside to receive a DSDC Gold award and we commend the organisation on their attention to detail and on adopting the DSDC evidence based design principles in their new-build residencies.