Housing at the Crossroads

"Housing at the Crossroads" focus on activities designed to develop and test out what needs to be done to meet the challenges dementia is creating for housing.

The Challenge

Housing is at a crossroads in relation to dementia. More people than ever are aware of the positive role housing can play in supporting independent living for people with dementia. It is what people with dementia themselves say they want.

At the same time there is growing insight into how complex and truly transformational the response by commissioners and providers of housing needs to be to meet the challenges ahead.

The Response

DSDC, working with partners, aims to support the innovation and sharing which will create solutions to some of the most complex issues facing people with dementia, commissioners and providers.

“Housing at the Crossroads” will work across all eight domains of DSDC’s to stimulate and capture new thinking and to promote and support action.

Some work will tie in to the IdeasLab as well as a specific contribution to the Iris series of stimulating thinking.

Other activities will involve working directly with key organisations in Housing.