Reframing Dementia

How well are dementia strategies at national and regional levels being implemented?


Dementia and the Arts - Reflections on a Residential Weekend for Artists 2014
Dementia and the Arts Northern Ireland 2015

There is a strong case for a more disruptive, challenging, inclusive and independent approach to dementia beyond current establishment thinking.

Through a range of events in partnership with arts and media organisations and NGOs, DSDC aimed to influence how people think about dementia.

This was not meant to be a replacement service, but a way of influencing those who are already planning, providing, regulating and evaluating health and social care services so that they can do that within a framework that means more to the people with dementia and carers they mean to serve.

Events hosted in Northern Ireland.

Imagine Festival - 15 March 2016

Can you have fun while finding out more about dementia? We think so. And we are looking to find 100 other people prepared to give it a go. Sceptical? Then why not join us anyway.
We are after a real mix of people. Some of you will know dementia inside out. Others may not have given it a second’s thought until now. And some will be somewhere in-between. What all of you think matters.

Faith Lunch - 14 March 2016

We know of the importance of faith and personal belief in the lives of people with dementia and those who support them.  
We are holding a meeting to discuss this issue and are looking for people who would like to be involved.

Beyond Limits, Crossing Borders - 22-24 April 2016

The aim of this residential weekend is to offer participants a rare chance to explore their own creative practice as individuals and also to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment which supports new work.  This is not a narrow event restricted to dementia as a niche interest or to a single art form.  Our aim is to use dementia as a jumping off point, a stimulus, for creative work which we hope will go beyond limits and cross borders.

Dementia Black and White

Previously the Dementia Black and White events have been large-scale open events looking at the way dementia is framed in the arts and media and its implications. This year we are running an invitation-only event to consider the issues and learning arising from projects past and present. Outcomes from the session will feed into a workshop we are facilitating at the next Arts Council Northern Ireland Arts and Ageing Conference which is scheduled to take place in late April 2016. We are bringing together a small group of artists, commissioners and administrators who are in a good position to take stock of their experience in developing and running projects which engage with dementia through the arts in different ways.

Dementia in Schools

Through intergenerational activities in schools in Northern Ireland the perception and images of dementia will be challenged. The students will engage in interactive activities put together to allow them to question and develop their understanding of dementia.