Yokohama Tokaichiba Creer Residence, Japan

Yokohama Tokaichiba Creer Residence

Award: GOLD

The Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling is very pleased to announce a Gold award of its internationally recognised dementia design building accreditation to the Care Suite at ‘Yokohama Tokaichiba Creer Residence’ by Tokyu Land Corporation. The project is a part of a large public-private joint development project by the City of Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, and three private companies. It is comprised of luxury general amenity apartments and houses, senior living accommodation and the 91-bed care suite. The care suite is located within the senior living accommodation and is intended for older people with care needs, including those with a diagnosis of dementia.

The project adopts an integrated community approach to master planning which incorporates independent living, rented accommodation, houses and care suite. Located within an existing established outer-urban area within the City of Yokohama the site is close to amenities, vehicular and public transport connections and a variety of housing types. Such site characteristics have been evidenced to be supportive of autonomous ageing, walkable neighbourhoods and ageing in place. The community approach also provides opportunities for housing across the life-course and for all abilities / future needs. Internally the project is delivered to a high level of finish with each resident benefitting from individual bedrooms and shared living dining rooms with direct access to the balcony. The DSDC Auditors were particularly impressed by the new smart phone care technology which each member of staff has access to. This includes smart bed sensors which can identify the sleep / wake position of the resident and thus support care whilst the resident is sleeping, without compromising their privacy or disrupting their sleep cycle.

This is the second project by Tokyu Land Corporation to receive a DSDC Gold award following the Grancreer Setagaya Nakamachi Care Residence and we commend the organisation on their adoption of these evidence based design principles in their new-build residencies.