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“Dementia is the biggest issue facing us all and there are things that we can do to make a difference”
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Posted by Siobhan McDermott, on 25th June
DSDC’s Best Practice Programme and Virtual Hospital have been shortlisted in the Health Service Journal's Value in Healthcare Awards.  The winners of these Awards will be announced at...
by Mark Butler
This month one dementia story grabbed the headlines – the Cambridge public health study which suggested a third of Alzheimer's disease...
by Philip Atkinson
Dementia can affect anyone, equally, and there’s no hierarchy of tragedy.  There are however some people for whom I find the condition...
by Mark Butler
Today’s Herald includes a news item in which the head of the Health department and the NHS in Scotland, the senior civil servant Paul Gray, is...
by Dr Tom Christie
Anyone with even a passing interest in dementia care will be aware of the enormous benefits which are made possible with reminiscence therapy. ...
by Mark Butler
The latest report from the International Longevity Centre on “Preventing Dementia: A Provocation”, is aimed at raising the ante on...
by Mark Butler
Photographs, never straightforward, take on all sorts of different roles in care settings. Photographs of family and events are often literally part...

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The Virtual Care Home is an online resource that demonstrates dementia-friendly design in care...

We also need to acknowledge that everyone with dementia is different in every possible way:...

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